Support: How to use True Energy’s app and services


How to use True Energy's app and services

TE app

Getting started with the EV app

Create user (Download app and create user and select utility company)
Set up car
Set up online/offline car
Set up charge point (charge box)
Where do I see electricity prices? What do they include?

Set up charge rules

Create charge rule
What is the difference between Climate friendly and Best price charging form?
Create weekend rule
How do I read the charge plan?
How do I set up car number 2?
Can I have two cars on one charger?

Participate in Big  Battery

What is Big Battery? Can my car participate? How?
How do I get Cable Discount?


How to set up Smarthome?

Need more help?

Contact your electricity supplier.

Link to Terms & Conditions

Link to Privacy

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