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Intelligent electricity - climate friendly and cheaper

About True Energy

True Energy is an electricity company working for the green transition to sustainable energy.

True Energy is working for the green transition of the world's electricity supply.

We take advantage of the fact that electricity prices fluctuate around the clock, so when the wind blows, the power is both cheap and climate-friendly.

We also want to make it easy for you. That's why we've developed an app where you can always see the hourly rates of electricity and find out when it is the best time to start the washing machine or other power-intensive activities. You get the most out of our app if you have an electric car and let True Energy optimize the charging. Then you will automatically switch your electricity consumption to the times of the day when electricity is cheap and produced climate-friendly.

Through our app you will have another opportunity to be climate friendly and save money - we call it cable discount. While you are charging, your EV - along with the other EVs at True Energy - acts as a giant battery for electricity production.

Popularly speaking, your electric car can help reduce fluctuations in electricity demand, so manufacturers avoid starting expensive and polluting diesel power plants if suddenly there is an extraordinary high or low power demand. If there is too little power in the electricity grid we stop charging all the cars for a short period of time, if there is too much electricity we start charging. We will never send power from your battery to the grid.

When approximately 100 cars are connected in the battery, we can bid with 0.3 MW. Consequently, diesel generators do not need to be started. If we reach more than 1 MW, it will be small power plants which we can replace. If we dream big and get access to 5 MW, large power plant blocks can be phased out.

When your car takes part in big battery we plan the charging of your EV so it does not cost extra charging time or money. On the contrary. You get a cable discount based on how many hours the charging cable is plugged in. And a green pat on the shoulder.

Our mission is to make your electricity consumption intelligent in many more ways, so that not only electric cars but also heat pumps, washing machines and other services are automatically optimized to use energy when it is most climate friendly. Everything is controlled from our app in order to meet your individual needs and runs completely automatically. We want to make it easy for you to become an active part of the change to climate-friendly energy.


Welcome to True Energy.