True Energy and Radius test EVs' flexibility


True Energy and Radius will, from now until December 20202, test electric vehicles' (EVs) flexibility in relation to limiting the need for expanding the existing energy grid. 

Smart grid instead of expensive construction projects

True Energy and the energy grid company Radius have entered into an agreement about a joint pilot project. The goal is to test electric vehicles' ability to function as a reliable, flexible extra spare capacity in the Danish energy grid. Using EVs in such a way enables more efficient use of existing grid capacity instead of having to invest in expensive expansion projects. 

EV owners supporting our green transition

At the same time, the project enables Danish electricity customers to support our joint, green transition through their EVs.

The pilot project will be run as a collaboration between True Energy and Radius, with Radius ordering grid flexibility, which True Energy will deliver. The plan is to involve between 200 and 250 electric vehicles in the pilot project.

Projektet tager udgangspunkt i True Energys app, hvor vi starter og stopper opladningen på de optimale tidspunkter, vi tager ikke strøm ud af batteriet (dvs ikke V2G). Bilejeren sætter desuden en sikkerhedsdistance, så bilen altid lader op til at kunne komme på hospitalet/stationen. Læs mere om de andre features i app'en, der gør intelligent opladning af elbilen nem og brugervenlig.

"I would like to join. What do I do?"

We look forward to sharing much more about the project and how it will work for individual EV owners. In the meantime, we encourage you to download the True Energy App and take advantage of its intelligent charging features. 

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EV owners in Radius' area

Geographically speaking, the project covers EV owners in Radius´ grid area, roughly equal to all of North-East-Zealand.

EV owners in this area are invited to join the project. 

If in doubt, it is possible to check if you live within the area here.

To hear more about the project, please contact:                                                                          

Charlotte Sand, CEO, True Energy / Phone: (+0045) 31 78 77 30

You can read more about Radius on their website..

Simulating real-life challenges

The project's starting point is simulating responses to a real-life challenge. Radius will simulate that the company needs extra capacity in the energy grid, as it is temporarily struggling to meet customers' demands. The simulated type of incident generally occurs a couple of times a year, but it is a type of situation that can have severe consequences. Through True Energy's solution, the charging of EVs can automatically be delayed until times when the energy grid is seeing less demand, without risking that EV owners are faced with a half-charged vehicle in the morning. 

The road to a better, cheaper energy grid

Jens Fossar Madsen, CEO of Radius Elnet, says:
"We already have tariffs in place the reward flexibility for users that move their energy use out of the 5 PM - 8 PM time slot during the winter half of the year, which is when the energy grid is under most stress and sees the highest demand. With the pilot project, we are taking the next step, where we are analyzing if use flexibility can also help us in specific situations where the energy grid experiences errors, is undergoing maintenance, etc. In such situations it is very important that we can count in adjustments in use that can be added into the planning phase of grid maintenance and construction. With this project we get an impression of whether we can achieve this kind of dependency from a collaborator through the control of a larger group of EVs connected to the grid."

Charlotte Sand, founder and CEO of True Energy, says:
The pilot project between us and Radius will help define EVS' place in Denmark's green energy grid. It is incredibly exciting that a big and visionary company like Radius is ready to test a new solution's ability to handle critical, real-life situations and through that gain insight as to how True Energy's intelligent solutions can be used to help ensure grid stability and at the same time be a cheaper, more environmentally friendly solution by, among other things, making it possible to lower peak demand and pressure on the grid by moving energy use times with more space capacity."

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