Consume electricity when it is cheapest and most climate friendly

SmartHome with True Energy
The shortcut to smarter electricity consumption

True Energy already makes it easy to save money and CO2 when charging your electric car. Now you can get the same benefits in many other ways in the home. We call it SmartHome. 

3 examples of what you can do with SmartHome

  • For example, set the dishwasher or washing machine to start automatically when the electricity price is lowest or the electricity is most climate friendly. Or both.
  • Get a HUE bulb to turn green or red so you can easily see when electricity is cheapest and most climate friendly. Or automatically switch on the outdoor light when the power is cheapest.
  • Optimize your electricity consumption and get an overview in your hand. True Energy's solution integrates with the IFTTT management tool that connects all the smart home products, such as home appliances and light sources. IFTTT is FREE to use.


Try our SmartHome solution now. You need to be a customer with one of our partners in order to get full access to all benefits.

Quick guide: Video

How to get cheaper and more climate-friendly electricity for your home appliances

More and more dishwashers, washing machines and other appliances can now be controlled intelligently. See how you can in just a few clicks optimize your electricity consumption for home appliances and get your machines started when electricity is cheapest and / or most climate friendly.

Get intelligent light with HUE bulbs and lamps

Now you can get even more out of your HUE bulbs by connecting them to True Energy's SmartHome. For example, you can automatically turn on the outdoor light when electricity is cheapest, or you can change your kitchen lamp to green when it is best to consume electricity.

See how in the video.

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SmartHome automatically optimizes your electricity consumption

With True Energy's app and SmartHome, you can easily defer your electricity consumption to the times of the day when electricity is cheapest or most climate friendly. Fortunately, the price is usually low when the power is produced by wind turbines, consequently you save CO2 and money at the same time.

Data + optimization = intelligent electricity

True Energy's app always knows the hourly prices of electricity and CO2 emission 24 hours ahead. We integrate this data with the FREE IFTTT management tool. The result is that you can easily choose, for example, when the washing machine should be finished and at the same time ensure that electricity consumption is the cheapest and most climate friendly.

With SmartHome, your electricity consumption is automatically optimized.

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