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True Energy and Radius test EVs' flexibility

15. maj 2020

True Energy and Radius will, from now until December 20202, test electric vehicles' (EVs) flexibility in relation to limiting the need for expanding the existing energy grid.


True Energy Partners With Porsche’s Consultancy Group, MHP, on the Future of Mobile, Green Energy

April 16, 2020

A new strategic alliance between True Energy and MHP, a Porsche subsidiary focused on consulting services for the automotive industry, creates new opportunities greener, cheaper energy for end-consumers.

Owners of electric vehicles may benefit from a new alliance between True Energy and MHP, a global consultancy and subsidiary of the famous Porsche automotive company. As part of the new strategic partnership, the two parties will look to further the green and sustainable transition through partnering on the customisation and development of True Energy’s existing solution and offering the result to MHP-customers for their E-Mobility strategy initiatives.

True Energy considers itself Europe’s top provider of solutions designed to automatically make customers electricity consumption climate-friendly and cheaper with the purpose of working for the green transition to sustainable energy. This includes the ability to automatically charge electric vehicles through its “Smart Energy & EV Charging App” when power comes from renewable energy sources – or when it is cheapest. Furthermore, the app can be used to time the use of household appliances in a similar fashion.

MHP stands for Excellence in Management- and IT-Consulting for Mobility and Manufacturing. Within this sector, MHP is recognized as preferred Partner for end-to-end solutions. As being expert in digitalization and E-Mobility, MHP delivers innovative strategies and solutions to transform change processes within the E-Mobility-Landscape of the future into sustainable success.

Dr. Dominique Gross, Associated Partner and Head of MHP IE2S explains: 

“Together, we offer an end-to-end approach that covers everything from strategic design through the technical development and the final solution to our customer for a free of discrimination and sustainable answer. This Partnership shows them the best way to address the energy- and mobility change. The automotive and energy industry are walking hand in hand“,

Charlotte Blou Sand, CEO and Founder of True Energy, elaborates:

“The agreement opens up new opportunities for not just True Energy and MHP, but also for anyone looking to make their energy use more climate-friendly – not to mention cheaper. Consumers want to contribute to making the energy grid of the future as green as possible. Thanks to our new strategic partnership with MHP, we hope to make that a possibility for even more people across the globe.”

Read MHP's announcement of the partnership aggrement here.

MHP IE2S forretningsmodel:


About MHP:

MHP was founded in 1996 and has posted continuous growth since its inception. Today, the company has a workforce of more than 2.800 across the globe. It posted revenues of €431 million in 2018.

With a consulting approach based around a symbiosis of management and IT consulting, MHP works closely with more than 300 renowned customers, offering both comprehensive IT competence and in-depth process know-how. Focus is on the automotive industry (manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and importers) as well as the transfer of strategic innovations from this sector to other industries.

Read more about MHP here.

True Energy is expanding again with new partner: gonergi a|s

April 14, 2020

True Energy has entered into a new partnership agreement with goenergi a|s. The partnership gives Danish electricity consumers better opportunities to automatically use electricity when it is cheapest and most climate friendly.

True Energy has entered into a partner agreement with energy company goenergi a|s, which will now offer our app to their customers. This means that electricity consumers who get their electricity through goenergi a|s now have access to benefits such as automatic charging of electric cars or the use of home appliances when electricity is cheapest or most climate friendly.

For electric car owners, an added benefit is that they can join Big Battery, where the cars' batteries can help balance the power grid and ensure the green conversion. At the same time, it gives access to the so-called Kabelrabat ™, which gives a lower electricity bill. Fully automatic and effortless.

True Energy monitors electricity prices and production hour by hour. Through the data collected and our app, users can decide when they will use electricity to charge electric cars or electrical appliances at home. The latter category includes household appliances, among other things.

Using the app, power consumption can be set to start automatically when electricity comes from renewable energy sources and / or electricity costs are lowest. It is often at times when most people are sleeping, and in these cases automatic start of the washing machine or charging the electric car really pays off.

The partnership agreement is the fourth between True Energy and a Danish energy company in recent months. In addition to goenergi a|s, True Energy has entered into agreements with Modstrøm, Samstrøm and Aura.

Charlotte Sand, founder and CEO of True Energy, says:

“The new agreement is great news for both True Energy, goenergi a|s, and electricity consumers. We clearly see that consumers both at home and abroad want the green transition. True Energy's solutions allow them to think and act more climate-friendly in everyday life. The new collaboration agreement will help to develop services and products that will benefit both True Energy, goenergi a|s and our customers. ”

goenergi a|s tells that over 700 of goenergi a|s customers have already downloaded the True Energy app, which plays a key role in the new collaboration agreement.

Jacob Møller, CEO of goenergi a|s, explains:

“The collaboration between goenergi a|s and True Energy provides new opportunities for our customers to further adjust, automate and optimize their everyday life and electricity consumption - both today and in the future. The collaboration will allow us to be able to respond flexibly to price and CO2 fluctuations, to further secure the electricity grid, and to jointly support the green transition.

Read more about goenergi a|s

Read more about goenergi's True Energy solution.

App screendump incl goenergi logo

Is your utility one of our new True Energy partners? Then you are eligible for Kabelrabat ™ savings!

March 4, 2020

True Energy has signed several new partner agreements, which opens up for Kabelrabat™ monetary and environmental benefits to electricity consumers.

True Energy has partnered with the Danish utilities Modstrøm, Samstrøm and Aura, who will now offer our app and Kabelrabat™ to their customers. This means that the three utilities’ customers now have access to advantages such as the automatic charging of electric cars or the use of home appliances when it is the cheapest and/or the electricity is most climate-friendly.

True Energy monitors electricity prices and production on an hour-per-hour basis, which enables users to schedule electricity consumption when it comes from renewable energy sources and/or electricity prices are at their lowest. This is often the time of day when most people sleep, and here automatic running of the likes of washing machines or electric car charging really comes into its own.

For electric car owners, an added benefit is that they can participate in the Big Battery solution, where the cars' batteries can help balance the electricity grid and ensure the green transformation. At the same time, it gives access to the so-called Kabelrabat ™, which gives a lower electricity bill. All fully automatic and effortless.

Read more about our partners here.

App upgrades provide new opportunities for True Energy-users

March 4, 2020

True Energy is launching an update to our cutting-edge app for automatic use of electricity when it is cheapest and most climate-friendly. The update opens up a host of new opportunities for App users.

The newest version of our App provides increased integration with charging boxes so it doesn’t depend on individual cars or brands. At the same time, we have integrated SmartHome, and don't worry: all the good stuff from the previous version is still there.

Charging box integration, no matter what electric car you have, offers better opportunities to automatically postpone charging, so the car recharges when power is cheapest and most climate-friendly. When electric car charging is controlled by True Energy, your car will soon be included in our Big Battery solution. This means that it actively contributes to balancing the electricity grid, replacing fossil fuels and ensuring the green transformation.

The updated app also integrates with True Energy's SmartHome solution for intelligent electricity consumption in your homw. By automating things like operation of dishwashers, heat pumps etc., you can, for example, use home appliances at the times when electricity is the least expensive. Operation is automatic and there is no need to set the alarm at three o'clock at night to start the washing machine so that it runs on the greenest, cheapest possible power.

Read more about True Energy's App here. website..

True Energy får tilført ny kapital og får samtidig direkte adgang til viden om elnettet

20. februar 2020


True Energy får gennem kapitaludvidelse og knowhow fra GEV, RAH og Thy-Mors Energi, styrket mulighed for at indgå i balanceringen af elnettet. GEV, RAH og Thy-Mors Energi har gennem deres fælles selskab RGT Holding A/S købt sig ind i True Energy med henblik på at kunne understøtte balanceringen af elnettene gennem forbrugernes adfærd..

Klimavenligt og billigst.
True Energy har udviklet en App der sikrer automatisk forbrug, når strømmen er billigst, og / eller mest klimavenlig. Udgangspunktet er automatisk forskydning af elbilers opladning til de timer i døgnet, hvor strømmen er billigst og mest klimavenlig. Samtidig kan elbilens batteri indgå i reguleringskraften af det samlede elnet i Danmark. True Energy er, med deres ”Big Battery” koncept, de første med et decentralt system som er godkendt af Energinet til at deltage i balanceringen af det danske elnet. Forskydning af forbrug, og balancering af elnettet, er nogle af de største udfordringer i forhold til de økonomiske konsekvenser af den grønne omstilling, og fortrængning af fossile brændstoffer. Det har været en af de afgørende faktorer for GEV, RAH og Thy-Mors Energi for at gå ind i True Energy.

Grøn omstilling med Elbiler i fokus
Særligt store er mulighederne i True Energys opladning af elbiler, hvor du via app’en kan oplade bilen på den tid af døgnet, hvor strømmen er billigst. Dette kan kombineres med prioritering af opladning med grøn energi. Det samme gør sig gældende for opstart af hårde hvidevarer.
Jo flere biler der er med på dette, jo bedre og billigere fungerer det. Samtidigt opnår samfundet betydelige gevinster ved ikke at skulle udbygge elnettet i samme omfang som forventet, da vi kan undgå at lade elbilerne i de for elnettets kritiske tidspunkter, nemlig om morgenen og omkring spisetid. Dermed bidrager netop denne løsning til at udligne energiforbruget over døgnet og dermed den grønne omstilling.
Direktøren for True Energy, Charlotte Sand, udtaler om samarbejdet:
”Der er ingen tvivl om, at forbrugerne både herhjemme og i udlandet vil den grønne omstilling. True Energys løsninger giver dem muligheder for at tænke og handle mere grønt i hverdagen – helt automatisk og uden besvær. Jeg er ikke i tvivl om, at det nye samarbejde vil hjælpe med at videreudvikle services og produkter, der vil komme både True Energy og de lokale selskabers kunder til gode.”
Hun bakkes op af bestyrelsesformanden for RGT Holding*, Robert Hove, som er begejstret for de fremtidige muligheder.
”True Energy er en spændende spiller på markedet, der med deres kompetencer utvivlsomt er med til prikke til vores traditionelle måde at tænke energi og energiløsninger på. Vi ser muligheden for at være med til at præge udviklingen af de værktøjer, som skal medvirke til at sikre balancering af elnettet. Derved kan vi reducere behovet for at udbygge elnettet. Sammen vil vi dermed skabe synergi mellem elnettet og aftrækket hos kunderne med et nemt og overskueligt værktøj, der medvirker til at sikre den grønne omstilling.”

*Det er firmaet RGT Holding A/S der indgår som medejer af True Energy. RGT Holding er ejet af GEV, RAH og Thy-Mors Energi. René Heiselberg Gier indtræder som medlem af bestyrelsen i True Energy på vegne af de tre selskaber.
RAH, Thy-Mors Energi og GEV leverer el via elnet til andelshavere i Midt-og Vestjylland og har gennem deres respektive elhandelselskaber – go’energi og Samstrøm, mange lokale kunder. Disse kunder får nu del i det spændende samarbejde med store udviklingsmuligheder. Blandt andet vil kunderne snart kunne tilgå en App gennem go´energi og Samstrøm, hvor de kan få del i de grønne muligheder og besparelser, der er nævnt i pressemeddelelsen.

Fakta om True Energy:
True Energy er stiftet i 2018, og arbejder for at gøre det nemt for kunderne automatisk at bruge strøm, når det er billigst og mest klimavenligt. True Energys løsninger er samtidig med til at balancere fremtidens, grønne energinet. På den måde understøtter vi overgangen til vedvarende energi.

Yderligere information kan fås ved at kontakte:
Kontakt for True Energy: Charlotte Sand, Direktør 53 81 81 04
Kontakt for de tre selskaber: René Heiselberg Gier, Direktør i GEV 30 31 11 90

True Energy-CEO joins board of Denmark’s industry association for the future of energy

January 29, 2020


Charlotte Blou Sand, founder and CEO of True Energy, has been elected to the board of directors of Intelligent Energy, the Danish association for the future of green energy.
True Energy's ground-breaking work on giving customers better access to cheaper and more green energy has been acknowledged by the Danish energy industry.

The acknowledgement comes in the form of a seat on the board of directors of Intelligent Energi (The Danish Intelligent Energy Alliance) for Charlotte Blou Sand, founder and CEO of True Energy. Intelligent Energi is the Danish industry association dedicated to creating and leveraging the value of the future green electricity grid.
It is especially True Energy's work on optimising and automating the charging of electric cars that has attracted much attention. True Energy also offers similar automatic, greener and cheaper operation of home appliances.
As Charlotte Blou Sand states: “Our mission is to make it easy for customers to automatically use electricity when it is most climate-friendly - and cheapest. Intelligent Energy is an industry organisation that shares True Energy's ambitions for intelligent energy use. I have been welcomed onto the board with curiosity and open arms by the established energy industry players. The interaction with other organisations and companies leads to new opportunities for both our own and the other companies' customers.” In addition to representatives from the energy industry, Intelligent Energi also includes research institutions, commercial entities in the electricity market, key technology suppliers and all types of utilities. Intelligent Energy focus points include, among other things, the interaction between public energy infrastructure and commercial players, which is a prerequisite for promoting integration across supply types (solar, wind, etc.), flexible energy use and business development for the benefit of customers.
When Charlotte Blou Sand was asked to join the board, she was flattered and aware of what she and True Energy can offer as a start-up in the energy industry.

“As a start-up, you are always juggling a lot of tasks and have frequent contact with all parts of the energy industry. I work with daily bids for our frequency control services on the Nordpool exchange; I talk to customers face-to-face about what motivates them to go electric and become more environmentally friendly, and I talk Tesla owners through setting up our app – often all over the course of one day. Furthermore, I have 15 years’ of experience working with digital transformation of corporate setups and whole companies, which gives me a unique vantage point and ability to look at the industry with fresh eyes, ”she says. Charlotte Blou Sand also points to True Energy's international ambitions and experience as an area where she and the company can contribute to Intelligent Energi’s work.
True Energy Facts: Founded in 2018, True Energy works to make it easy for customers to automatically use electricity when it is cheapest and most climate-friendly. At the same time, True Energy's solutions help to balance the energy grids, as most green energy sources are added. In this way, we – and our customers - support the transition toward more renewable energy.

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