Get True Energy's benefits through our partners

Get greener, cheaper electricity and access to all of the True Energy app's other advantages through our partners.

Contact us, or your energy supplier, to hear more about Kabelrabat™ and other exciting benefits.


Advantages of the True Energy app include:

=> Climate-friendly charging and electricity use

=> A lower electricity bill, because you use power when it's cheapest

=> Access to monetary rewards through our Big Battery solution

=> Messages straight to your phone, telling you when it's cheapest and most climate-friendly to use electricity

Er du allerede el-kunde hos en af vores partnere, så skynd dig at udnytte fordelene. Ellers er det nemt at skifte elselskab til en af vores udvalgte partnere, hvorefter du kan spare penge og sænke CO2-udledninger med True Energys app.


Download the app and get access to cheaper, more climate-friendly electricity automatically

Green, cheap charging for all electric vehicles

Through the app and our partners, you can automatically charge electric vehicles, or use household appliances, when electricity is cheapest and/or most climate-friendly. 

Learn more about our app here.

Get Kabelrabat™

An extra advantage for owners of electric vehicles is that they can become part of True Energy's Big Battery. The vehicles' batteries help load balance the electric grid, thereby supporting the transition to more renewable energy. At the same time, your energy bill will be reduced through the so-called Kabelrabat™ reward scheme. Everything is automatic and hassle-free.

Read about about Big Battery here.

Read more about Kabelrabat™ here.


Flere partnere er velkomne

Do you represent a utility and like to offer True Energy's solutions to your customers, please contact our CEO, Charlotte Sand, at

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Precondition car

Ready to start: Warm car and warm battery

True Energy can optimize the charging so the last power is charged just before you start using the car. We can also make sure the cabin is warm. During the winter it is nice to be able to get into a preheated car, and a warm battery increases the range and the lifetime of your battery.

The app provides an overview

In the app you can always see the status of the car's charging and keep track of the scheduled charging.

Of course, you have the final say and can stop True Energy's automatic charging at any time and just charge the car when the charging cable is plugged in.

I already have free electricity for my electric car for example with EON or Clever - can I use True Energy?

The short answer is yes! You can read more in our FAQ - however please note that local rules may apply..

More intelligent electricity in the future

The climate-friendly energy of the future is both about how we produce electricity, but also how we optimize consumption. Intelligent energy management is becoming an important part of the future energy system, which is why we have big plans to further develop the app. We will continuously include more electric car brands and models and also add different charge boxes. At the same time, we plan to expand the intelligent control so that it can also be used for other power-intensive machines such as heat pumps and washing machines.

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