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Welcome to True Energy

Solutions that automatically make your energy use more environmentally friendly and cheaper

True Energy's mission is to offer customers automatic use of electricity when it is most climate-friendly and cheapest. Our solutions work for a broad range of products, including electric vehicles and home appliances. At the centre of our services is our user-friendly App that can automate and optimize energy consumption based on your preferences.

So we together can enable the full transition toward renewable energy

There is no doubt that we, the energy consumers, want to support the transition toward renewable, environmentally friendly energy. Turning intent into action is all too often a cumbersome and complicated affair. By giving consumers the power to automate, for example, the charging of an electric car or use of a dishwasher to times when energy comes from renewable sources or is cheapest, True Energy – and our users – can help the transition toward renewable energy. In addition, True Energy's Big Battery solution exploits new technology to balance the electricity grid during, and after, the green transition.

Headquartered in Denmark with a global presence and market

Our head office is in Denmark. Denmark's mature infrastructure and widespread use of renewable energy solutions help make the country an obvious starting point for an innovative energy company with lofty ambitions – which is already attracting wide international interest. We work with selected partners in the surrounding countries, and our ambition is to offer our solutions globally.

Experienced professionals from the energy and mobility industries

True Energy is founded around issues and frustrations that many energy consumers probably know from their daily lives. Founder Charlotte Sand got an electric car, smart meters, and solar cells. It led to the idea that there must be ways of automating things like charging the car at the best possible time - both from an environmental and economic point of view. Her extensive experience from digital development and transformation was aimed at the problem, and the seed for True Energy was laid. Today, the company is represented in several countries and counts employees from Denmark, England, India and Japan, to name but a few places.

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